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Case studies



For many years, I admit, I drank the Volkswagen kool-aid. Hard.


I joined the team a week after the “Dieselgate” scandal broke, and then stayed. For 2 and a half years, I was the OOH and digital voice of VW, and gosh was that fun. 


We also managed a few other things together like redesigning the way they presented their cars to the world, transforming their website into trend-setting morsels of information with stunning photography, and crafting individually branded personas for each vehicle--all work that was ardently grounded in the legendary and iconic VW voice. 


I can't pick a singular case study. I can only say that we definitely made it through Dieselgate, turned things around, and stayed true to who we were. 


Check out some of my favorite brand moments below.



Sprint was one of my first traditional advertising clients. We put out tons of work together during an interesting inflection point for the brand. I wrote so many radio spots that I memorized the speed-read disclaimers. We also did other fun stuff over the years including some witty Windy City bus wraps that turned the average Chicagoans commute into a metaphor about cell coverage. A full brand-takeover of Arrowhead Stadium, home of NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. And some national TV spots in multiple languages for all North American markets.

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