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Foster Farms

Foster Farms was a medium-sized competitor in the vast, “natural” poultry market on the west coast. They had a great product, a good origin story, and a decent budget. Win-win...except. They had a massive identity problem. Despite all of this good stuff, no one knew who they were. And no one was buying their chicken at the grocery store. We took a swipe at their branding with a full website redesign, online ordering, and a new brand positioning that was cohesive, sincere, and, ultimately, very effective. After we launched the new site--coordinated with new packaging and a new attitude, strategically leaning on the true story of their transformation from kinda “natural” to an actually free-range, sustainable, and organic family-owned company--stock prices rose 180% over the next 6 months.



My very first solo gig in content and branding was for an adorable little company called Discover Testing in southern California. They made home test kits for pools and drinking water to let you know if your water was safe to drink. It was 2006, and I was living in LA, freelance writing for local lifestyle magazines, and doing content design and project management for Team One Advertising. I got hooked up with the folks at Discover who wanted a “voice & tone” overhaul of their website. 


I took one look at their site and gave them much more. We did a full audit for tone and content, followed by a site architecture redesign, a brand facelift, and a bunch of pithy headlines and product descriptions, which (I’m not kidding) they still largely use on their site today. The site looks way more modern now, and they’ve pared down their product offerings, but yeah. For all your urban water testing needs. Try one today!

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