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Case studies



For the global redesign, a clear business problem emerged: the ACA was driving tons of users to Anthem's digital presence to learn more. But people don't like to read a lot, much less read a lot about insurance.


So we crafted an overarching strategy for all of that used clear, simple language, a little bit of repetitive learning, and lots of widgets and visuals. We needed a place where folks could land and learn, even if they were already members. Users could shop, log in, or find relevant info surfaced exactly when and where they expected to find it.


The redesign trickled into Anthem's global strategy and earned kudos for its digital design. All content, strategy, UX, and IA design.


Thorn is a unique non-profit. Born in Silicon Valley, Thorn has one purpose: use technology to stop technology-driven online child sexual abuse. The Thorn mission gets stuck in your heart immediately. Getting it stuck in the minds of Silicon Valley moguls was the challenge.


We started with straight talk--relatable to tech titans and open hearts alike. We created our own visual language with original artwork that speaks the thousand words that are hard to say. Tone-wise, we were already there. Eliciting emotion wasn’t the problem so we didn’t indulge it. Instead, we played into solutions. It was a ground-up redesign of site architecture, content, messaging, voice, aesthetic, and target-audience engagement.

I'm truly proud of this comprehensive. strategic brand effort.



As a burgeoning blockchain startup in the fledgling cryptocurrency market, Tupelo was a B2B product with an education problem that extended to the greater population. I recommended translating their intensely technical messaging and look & feel into something a 4th grader could understand (well, almost). This proved a counterintuitive but highly effective strategy.

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