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This popular brand needed an app that lived up to its “born online” birthright. Suddenly, shopping for car insurance, summoning a tow-truck in the middle of night, and submitting an accident claim from the side of the road had to be easier than falling off a log. (Don’t worry, you can report that in the app, too.)


We started from scratch (and lots of competitive analysis.) Designed and redesigned the flow, included an auto-appropriate progress bar, then reinforced all that by thoughtfully surfacing feedback screens and copy. We performed a lot of well-designed user testing to nail down usability pitfalls before they fell into code cement. It was some of the best, most targeted user testing I’ve ever seen, and it helped us reduce and refine the content into its most essential, most informative, and most fun self. End result: a brand new app launch that blew the doors off the competition.



Zillow has an awesome open mind. And for the crazy suite of branded ideas we were pitching, they were going to need it. We proposed everything from a friendly, tattooed virtual agent named Rebecca who could guide new buyers through the experience of purchasing their first home, to a native app filled with indispensable tools for everyone like financing tips, resources on interior decorating, and a local plumber directory.

Constant Contact
Constant Contact
Constant Contact

Constant Contact

We’re an OG MarTech darling that recently found itself in a tight market with an aging product. 


A brand initiative was formed, and a product initiative needed to follow. So we engaged in a cross-disciplinary odyssey to realign priorities, tackle existing tech debt, and define the new heart and soul of Constant Contact.

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